Bathing Your Dog

by Connie on March 2, 2012

How often should you bathe your dog?

This is a question most dog owners find themselves wondering about.  In general, the majority of dogs do fine with a once a month bath.  This is assuming that the dog does not have a skin condition.  Unless the dog becomes muddy or dirty before bath time, it can be done on a monthly basis.  There are some dogs that get stinky quicker than others, and in that case it may be necessary to bathe them more frequently.  Ultimately, dog bathing can be performed as frequent as the owner prefers, as long as the appropriate shampoo is used.

What shampoo should you use?

For once a month dog baths, you can use dog shampoo or human baby shampoo.  Although it is not recommended to use human shampoo, baby shampoo does not irritate or damage your dog’s skin and coat.  For dogs that are bathed more than once a month, it is best to use moisturizing shampoo, or shampoo without soap.  This will prevent your dog’s skin and coat from becoming dry and dull.  It will also help preserve the natural skin oils that are necessary to protect your dog.

3 Essential Tips for Bathing Your Dog

1.  Brush Your Dog’s Hair before Bathing – Removing any matts or tangles before giving your dog a bath will prevent skin infections from developing.  Matts easily store water, causing the perfect, humid environment for yeast and bacteria.  If it is not possible to get matts off, it is recommended that you cut or shave them off.  This will allow your dog to be cleaner and maintain a healthy skin.

2. Set the Right Water Temperature – Dogs are not as resistant to hot water as humans are; for this reason it is extremely important to use lukewarm water only.  Using hotter than lukewarm water can potentially cause burns on your dog.  It is even more important to set the right water temperature for larger dog breeds, because they are more prone to overheating.

3. Get All the Shampoo Off – Getting rid of all the shampoo in your dog’s coat can be quite challenging, but it is very important.  Failure to remove all of the shampoo can cause a great deal of skin issues.  After the shampoo dries, it can make your dog itchy, or worse irritate his skin.

Bathing is an important part of your dog’s grooming routine.  Like with humans, regularly bathing is necessary for staying odorless, healthy, and physically attractive.  Bathing is not only good for your dog’s health, but it is also a good time to bond and build your companion’s trust.  Your dog will truly appreciate the time and effort put into caring for him.


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