Camping With Your Dog

by Connie on December 29, 2011

Going camping is always exciting, especially if you’ll be taking your dog along.  It is a time for everyone to enjoy the outdoors and bond as a family.  Your dog will like all of the new smells and the different environment.  Many people think that going camping with their dog is too difficult and that camping grounds do not allow pets.  There are a few things you should know before going camping with your canine companion.

Tips for Taking Your Dog Camping

  • Get information about the requirements for taking a dog to a specific camp ground.
  • Ensure that all of your dog’s vaccines are up to date; this is to protect your dog against several diseases.  You can also ask your veterinarian about the Rattlesnake vaccine; it is not 100% effective but it is recommended for dogs with a higher risk of being bitten by a Rattlesnake.  Most camping sites only require the Rabies vaccine and a dog license.
  • Be sure to apply a flea/tick monthly preventative a few days before going camping to prevent your dog from becoming infested.  Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks; the flea/tick preventative, along with a Lyme vaccine can help reduce the possibilities of your dog contracting the disease.
  • Also make sure to give your dog a worm preventative.  The high number of mosquitos in the wildlife put your dog at risk of getting heartworm.  Roundworms and whipworms are found in the soil and may also affect your dog.
  • Always carry a first aid kit for yourself as well as for your pets.  Gauze, triple antibiotic, bandage wrap, and a sterile cleaning solution for wounds should all be included.

Fun Things to do With Your Dog While Camping

Once your dog is protected you can be on your way to your camping adventure.  There are several activities you and your dog can enjoy together while camping.  During hot summer days, it is a good idea to bring a water gun along.  Everyone in the family (including the dog) can enjoy a water fight game.  It is a great way to stay cool and also have fun.  If you are camping during colder weather, you can enjoy hiking and exploring the camp grounds with your dog.  Staying active will help keep you and your dog stay warm.  Most dogs enjoy exploring the different scents and places that the wildlife has to offer.

While camping, it is likely that your pet will become soiled and you will need to bathe your dog.  The K9 Shower is perfect for outdoors; you always have water handy in case your dog decides to roll in smelly garbage (mine rolls in animal feces) or simply gets dirty.  A quick rinse with the K9 Shower should be sufficient to clean your dog.  The K9 Shower is also great for first aid care, especially outdoors where you may not have access to clean water.  If your dog becomes injured you will need to thoroughly wash the area with distilled water to prevent infection.

Taking your dog camping while still having fun is possible!  Remember all the things you’ll need to do and take for your dog when camping.

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