Our Story

Our roots trace back to the bicycle industry

C1 Design Group: The Roots

Our roots trace back to the bicycle industry, where we designed one of the very first (and very best) clipless pedal systems. In the early 90’s, we tackled the hardest challenge in mountain bike design: creating suspension systems that would perform at the cutting edge in all conditions and on all terrains.

We helped reinvent the wheel, or at least front suspensions, for Cannondale bicycles. The idea was to eliminate the excess weight and variable flexing of the standard telescopic fork suspension, which was a hand-me-down from the motorcycle. The work done by C1 Design came to market on Cannondale bikes first under the name “Delta V”, and later as the “Headshok”. The Headshok was an innovative suspension system that resided in the head-tube of the bike, reducing weight and providing the steering precision and stability of a rigid fork.

We then helped Kestrel, a top quality manufacturer of carbon fiber road bikes, to introduce a dual-suspension mountain bike. We designed the Kestrel Rubicon mountain bike which received immediate high praise and enthusiasm despite its $3,800 price tag. The Rubicon Comp won the prestigious Mountain Bike Magazine “Best Downhill Bike” award in ’97. Our design contribution to the Kestrel Rubicon was total: the Rubicon utilized our patented dual-rate rear suspension system, and embodied our complete frame design.

C1 Design Group enters fly fishing as the Waterworks-Lamson

The gravity-defying Waterworks ULA, world’s lightest machined reel.We began to develop products for the fly fishing market in 1995. After starting with a series of successful accessories, we began innovating in what became our core category: fly fishing reels. We applied our experience and knowledge gained in other industries to a tradition-bound product category. We were the first to combine self-lubricating materials, zero-maintenance running gear, fully sealed moving parts and proprietary finishes to produce the highest-performance and most reliable reels the market had seen.

Ketchum Release Our fly fishing reels have grown in popularity each year and have been recognized with dozens of awards over the years. The Waterworks-Lamson brand is now a leader worldwide. To learn more about these products, visit our fly fishing website at waterworks-lamson.com