Selecting Top Quality Dog Food

by Connie on February 24, 2012

When it comes to choosing their dog’s food, most people stick to the more economical brands.  There is nothing wrong with this, but it is important to make sure that the food is high quality and nutritional for your companion.  There are a few reasons why selecting the appropriate dog food is crucial.  One of the most important reasons being your pet’s health.  Like with humans, dogs depend on the nutrients they get from food to maintain their health, both physically and mentally.

Why is it Important to Feed Your Dog Only Top Quality Food?

Failure to feed a good dog food will result in a wide range of health issues.  Your dog will be more at risk of developing certain health conditions such as; allergies, skin issues, arthritis, obesity, and other problems.  Poor quality dog food mainly consists of ingredients that have little or no nutritional value.  Besides being useless to your dog’s body, these ingredients also put your dog at risk of becoming unhealthy.

How do You Know Which Foods are High Quality?

As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid dog foods that are primarily composed of corn and other unhealthy grains.  Top quality dog foods should have some sort of protein as its main ingredient, and then followed by the other essentials such as fat, vitamins, and minerals.  Protein sources include; beef, chicken, and fish.  If your dog has allergies and you suspect it may be related to the food you can try foods that contain a novelty protein such as duck.  Foods that contain vegetables and good sources of grains like rice are also good because they will provide your dog with the vitamins and minerals necessary.

Once you find a good dog food it is important to make sure you are feeding your pet appropriately.  How much you feed your dog all depends on his activity level and age.   Like people, dogs also get their energy from the food they eat.  The more active a dog is, the more food he should consume.  Older dogs on the other hand, are less energetic and have a slower metabolism and should not be fed as much as a young dog.  All dogs are different; some may have bigger appetites and great metabolisms even at an old age, so it is important to always talk to your vet. to make sure you are feeding the correct amount of food.

When we eat healthy we can see the positive results; we feel more energetic, healthier, and happier.  This is also true for your dog and because he is part of the family, the time and consideration should be taken to find a high quality dog food.  You too will feel great knowing that you are feeding your companion a hearty meal.

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